14 agosto 2013

Madame in Rosia Montana FanFest

Madames na Transilvania, Romenia 
Workshop de Clown Activista
17 e 18 de Agosto das 10h - 14h

Acerca do FanFest

The second edition of the Activist Social Forum at FanFest will gather in Rosia Montana activists, students, peasants, grassroots NGO’s and members of informal movements and groups from all over the world. Some of them are fighting against destructive exploitation projects, some are questioning and exposing the current governing systems. Some are even initiating alternative systems that are focused on the citizen’s and environment’s real needs. Their experiences are uncountable and truly valuable for a collective action in support of environment and social justice. The topics of this edition of the Forum are: alternative development, grassroots groups, campaigns and social movements, cultural heritage, campaigns against cyanide mining.
As in every edition, at this year’s FanFest we prepared a selection of documentaries which highlight important and urgent social issues in our contemporary world. Cyanide using gold mining, shale gas fracking, recycling, one’s self changing through art, the occupy movements – these are just a few of the themes approached in the documentary section; these themes will then be debated in after screening discussions, together with the film directors invited.
As we know how well books suit in open air and because FanFest is meant to fight for nature through culture, this year we planned, the same as in the previous editions, to focus on the contemporary Romanian literature. It is the well-composed, wise, ironic or brilliant literature, written in books, on blogs or walls. You will meet here (or meet again) writers sharing their productions with the world, a world they want better, healthier in its mind, purer and more dreaming. For three days in Rosia Montana we will read, listen to, write and play with letters, together with Orlando Balas, Mihai Gotiu, Gabriel Bota, Petra Balu, Oana Maria Zaharia and Stefan, Marcel Visa, and at the end of the festival we will set all these words in a Rosia Montana story.
As we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, we show with every edition of FanFest Rosia Montana in expressive images. The exhibitions of this year are trying to capture breathtaking landscape of the Apuseni Mountains, priceless monuments from the village and the work of those involved in the effort to keep everything as it is, stopping the destruction of historical sites, natural and cultural heritage that we have a duty to preserve for future generations. No less than five different exhibitions will be held in various locations around Rosa Montana.
During the festival, participants can also attend a series of demonstrative workshops that be held as part of the Adopt a house Programme. These workshops will benefit from the participation of local craftsmen and will focus on the revitalization of traditional crafts like making shingles, masonry mortar of lime, dry masonry (mauri), and plaster with lime mortar.
From the experience of previous years, we know that one of the major reasons why many are involved in the Save Rosia Montana campaign is that we all want our children and grandchildren to know this place when the time comes. This year, as in years past, we have thought of the children and we are pleased to announce several activities for the youngest participants in this edition of FânFest. Games, jugglers, toys, entertainment, and numerous workshops will take place from the 15th of August at Rosia Montana.
“After the success of the last year’s edition we strive to make Rosia Montana to be for the four days of FanFest 2013 the capital of activism in Romania. We have prepared many events, weather predictions are favorableand starting Thursday, August 15th, we expect all those who want to know or to review Rosia Montana in a festive environment” declared Calin Capros, vice-president of Alburnus Maior.

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